CCiS Unlocks the Future of Business Insurance with Launch of New Experience

Jun 17, 2022 by CCiS News

CCiS provides customized experience, bespoke insurance products to today's business owners

HUDSON, OHIO (May 10, 2022) – Custom Commercial Insurance Solutions (CCiS) today announced the launch of their new digital experience which lays the foundation for the future of business insurance shopping, buying and servicing. The hybrid shopping experience enables a customized quoting experience and sets the stage for significant partnerships with organizations that serve business owners online.

“Our new offering provides flexibility for businesses shopping for insurance, whether they want a fully digital experience or to work with an agent or broker,” said Dave Bellis, president of Custom Commercial Insurance Solutions. “We're modernizing the shopping, purchasing and servicing of commercial policies to enable insurance and non-insurance entities to connect businesses with insurance.”

Through the new experience, CCiS acts as both an independent agency, with their agent representatives providing customized support to businesses as needed, and a fully digital platform. The platform is available for integrations with partners that already have an insurance producer license as well as those that do not.

With the new CCiS experience, a unique opportunity to create bespoke insurance products has emerged. CCiS is now partnering with Coterie Insurance to develop and launch insurance products specifically crafted to meet the needs of customers and leverage the unique set of data those digital partnerships present.

"This is the first stage of some exciting announcements to come.” - Justin Suttmiller, head of Innovation and Expansion at Coterie Insurance

“As new partnerships emerge, Coterie is excited to find innovative ways to offer insurance in the places where businesses already go,” said Justin Suttmiller, head of Innovation and Expansion at Coterie Insurance. “Together we have a unique opportunity to deliver the experience business owners demand using the CCiS platform while also building bespoke insurance products. This is the first stage of some exciting announcements to come.”

Coterie was founded on the premise of capturing unique data to help segment risk in ways that others in the industry are not, and price for risk in ways that others can’t. With the new experience from CCiS, and the ability to white-label insurance products from Coterie Insurance, more point-of-sale platforms and small business service providers are able to meet the insurance needs of their clients within their own platforms.

Custom Commercial Insurance Solutions

Custom Commercial Insurance Solutions, formerly, is a digital-first independent insurance agency focused on improving direct-to-consumer commercial insurance. Bringing together innovative technology and insurance products, CCiS offers coverage to businesses of all sizes through its easy online platform, best-in-class customer service, and partnerships with leading carriers.

Coterie Insurance

Coterie Insurance is on a mission to make business insurance easy. Through tech-based business insurance solutions, Coterie Insurance delivers simpler coverage, more accurate pricing, and a streamlined experience. Digital insurance platforms can leverage Coterie's simple, easy to integrate APIs to further streamline the quoting and binding experience. Coterie's expansive appetite is the most inclusive for the small businesses of today. For more information on Coterie and the digital transformation of small business insurance, go to